Find a TRICARE Provider

Health Net Federal Services, LLC (Health Net) manages the TRICARE North Region, which includes:

Connecticut, Maryland, Ohio, Delaware, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, District of Columbia, Michigan, Rhode Island, Illinois, Missouri (St. Louis Area), Indiana, New Hampshire, Vermont, Iowa (Rock Island area), New Jersey, Virginia, Kentucky (except Ft Campbell), New York, West Virginia, Maine, North Carolina, and Wisconsin 


The Network Provider Directory offers details about military treatment facilities (MTFs), network doctors, hospitals, and other health care professionals in the states listed above. These network providers have an agreement with Health Net which means they can deliver services at a lower out-of-pocket cost to you. While Health Net makes every effort to provide you with the most current information about these providers, the information in the directory is subject to change as new providers join the program and others leave. The continued participation of any one doctor, hospital or other provider in the TRICARE network cannot be guaranteed. Always contact the provider's office first to verify his or her current participation status.

Be sure you are following your plan option rules for referral and authorization requirements when seeking care. Using the Network Provider Directory does not authorize you for services.


The Non-Network Provider Directory offers non-network doctors, hospitals and other health care professionals in the states listed above. Provider information in the Non-Network Provider Directory is listed as submitted by the provider and may be up to 16 months old. Non-network provider specialties are not validated by Health Net. Please verify all information with the provider before scheduling an appointment. If no telephone number is listed, please consult your local telephone directory.

Non-network providers do not have a signed agreement with Health Net. If you are enrolled in TRICARE Prime, TRICARE Prime Remote for Active Duty Family Members and TRICARE Young Adult (TYA) Prime, you may seek care from a non-network provider in an emergency or if using the Point of Service option. If you use TRICARE Standard or are enrolled in TRICARE Reserve Select, TRICARE Retired Reserve or TYA Standard, you will receive a five percent discount by using a network provider. Non-network providers are not required to submit claims to TRICARE and may charge 15 percent over the TRICARE-allowable charge.